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About Steve

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Welcome To My Car Family 4

First posting was on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2015/04/welcome-to-my-car-family-3.html

Chevy Convertibles

First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/07/chevy-convertibles.html

Small Business Owner Car Buying Guide

Article first appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/01/small-business-owner.html

Welcome to My Car Family 3

Original posting was http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/11/welcome-to-my-car-family-2.html

Trading your Car?

Article originally appeared on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/04/trading-your-car.html

Car Salesman Confidential: Beware of “Experts” Bearing Advice

This article was posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/04/car-salesman-confidential-beware-of-experts-bearing-advice.html

My Chrysler Training Blog

First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/07/my-chrysler-training-blog.html

Welcome To My Car Family 2

Article first appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/02/welcome-to-my-car-family.html

Welcome to my Car Family 1

Originally posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2010/09/updates.html

Happy Holidays!

Original location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/12/happy-holidays.html

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Meadowland Community Projects Posts


Orginally posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/12/volz-gives-back-2013-results.html


Article first appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/12/toys-for-tots-recap.html

Meadowland Contribution to Putnam Humane Society

First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/06/meadowland-contribution-to-humane-society-3.html


Original location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/07/the-walk-to-end-altzheimers.html

Volz Auto Gives Back

This article was posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/01/volz-auto-gives-back.html


Article originally appeared on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/12/toys-for-tots-recap.html


First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/12/2nd-annual-meadowland-charity-car-wash.html

Free Gift for Those Who Participate in Toys For Tots

First appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/11/free-gift-for-those-who-participate-in-toys-for-tots.html

The 2nd Annual St.Jude Car Wash

Original posting was http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/09/the-2nd-annual-st-jude-car-wash.html

Happiness is…

Original posting was http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/01/happiness-is.html

What Snow Storm!

Article originally appeared on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/01/what-snow-storm.html

Meadowland of Carmel donates $3,000 to Toys for Tots

This article was posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2010/12/meadowland-of-ca…to-toys-for-tots.html

Businessman Fits Children and Bus With PJs

First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2010/11/businessman-fits…and-bus-with-pjs.html

Our new waiting room!

Article first appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2010/01/our-new-waiting-room-2.html

Meadowland on eBay!

Orginally posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/11/meadowland-on-ebay.html

Meadowland of Carmel – Moving forward

Original location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/05/meadowland-of-ca…l-moving-forward.html

Meadowland Express Lube adds Sunday Hours!

Original location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/08/meadowland-expre…dds-sunday-hours.html

Car Wash and Car Show at Meadowland 8-15-2010

Orginally posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/08/car-wash-car-sho…owland-8-15-2010.html


Article first appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/07/its-official.html


First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/05/customer-appreciation-part-2.html


This article was posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/05/customer-appreciation-day.html

Meadowland Has Gone Mobile

Article originally appeared on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/04/meadowland-has-gone-mobile.html

A Lot Going on at Meadowland

Original posting was http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/03/a-lot-going-on-at-meadowland.html

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Chrysler Posts

2017 Chrysler 200 For Sale at Meadowland of Carmel

Originally posted as http://steveatmeadowland.com/2015/01/2017-chrysler-20…owland-of-carmel.html


First appeared in http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/08/50s-concept-cars.html


First posting was http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/07/american-durability-at-its-best.html

Chrysler Gains Market Share

Original location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/05/chrysler-gains-market-share.html

Chrysler sales up 27% for best October since 2007Chrysler sales up 27% for best October since 2007

This article was posted first as http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/11/chrysler-sales-up-27-for-best-october-since-2007.html


Article originally appeared as http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/08/chrysler-is-on-the-move.html

Chrysler sales rose 23% in January

First location os this article is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/02/chrysler-sales-rose-23-in-january.html

Chrysler PT Cruiser Will Continue Production

Originally posted as http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/08/chrysler-pt-crui…tinue-production.html

Chrysler to sell 4 Fiat 500 models

This article was posted first at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/07/chrysler-to-sell-4-fiat-500-models.html

See All The 2017 Chrysler Models and Options

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Dodge Posts

How Chrysler Bought Dodge Brothers

Original posting was http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/06/how-chrysler-bought-dodge-brothers.html


Article originally appeared on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/06/the-dodge-dart-is-here.html


This article was posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2012/01/dodge-dart-coming-soon.html

The All-New 2011 Dodge Durango

First posted on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/01/the-all-new-2011-dodge-durango.html

Mariano Rivera – Dodge Challenger

Article first appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/11/mariano-rivera-dodge-challenger.html


Orginally posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/08/chrysler-sebring-and-dodge-avenger.html

MiniVan Madness at Meadowland

Original location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/02/minivan-madness-at-meadowland.html

Take A Look At All Of This Year’s Dodge Cars and Trucks

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Jeep Posts

Buy Jeep Cherokee

Originally posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/09/2017-jeep-cherokee.html

Aaron’s Wrangler

Post first appeared on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2011/10/aarons-wrangler.html

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Ram Posts


First appeared at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2013/06/ram-1500-diesel-announced.html

2010 Ram Truck- Motor Trend Truck Of The Year

Posted first on http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/12/2010-ram-truck-motor-trend-truck-of-the-year.html

See What RAM Trucks Are Available To Buy Or Lease

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GMC Posts

2011 GMC Terrain

First appeared posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2010/09/2011-gmc-terrain.html

New Models at Meadowland

First posted at http://steveatmeadowland.com/2010/03/steve-at-meadowland-of-carmel.html


It is unknown when this was first posted.

Meadowland of Carmel- WE’RE ALL ABOUT PEOPLE

This article was posted first several years ago, location unknown.

New Level of Confidence from General Motors

First posting location is http://steveatmeadowland.com/2009/04/new-level-of-confidence-from-general-motors.html

U.S. Auto Industry Contribution-Must read

Post appeared at this address: http://steveatmeadowland.com/2008/12/u-s-auto-industry-contribution-must-read.html

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Steve Kaplan: 42 Times Salesman of The Month and Year!

I’m celebrating 21 years at Meadowland of Carmel, and 50+ years in sales! Thank you to all my wonderful customers through the years. I couldn’t have done it without you.
I started my SteveAtMeadowland.com blog in 2009. Here is an index of older blog entries. Look for new ones coming soon.

About Steve

I have been at Meadowland of Carmel for 21 years, and have been Certified for both Chrysler and G.M.  During that period of time, I estimate that I have sold over 2,500 cars, one at a time!

My customers have enjoyed coming back to me as I put their needs first.  I recognize that buying a new(er) vehicle is a stressful process, and that everyone buys at a different pace.

Visit with me when you are considering your next vehicle purchase. I would love to add you to my “car family”

When I’m not busy selling cars, I enjoy playing tenor sax in my band, “Class Action”.  Find us on FaceBook.   I also enjoy bicycling, hiking, and maintaining this blog!

Let’s not forget rooting for the best all-time baseball team: The New York Yankees!

Call Steve For GMC

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Welcome to My Car Family 5

Robert Nakano, Craig Luckfield, Charles and Carol Taylor,Mark Ayala, Denise Georgiadis, Fred Arvonio, Peter Rubino, Mike and Ann Fitzsimmons, Jackie and Anthony Azadia,  Dawn Papandrea-Khan, John Mahoney, Anthony Hazzard, Jim Oconner, Paul Schwartz, Kenneth Levy, Peter Jensen,Lindsy Moccio, Harrsison Moccio, Denise Sadowski, Paul Sadowski, Kathy Somme, Greg Newman, James Decuffa, Joe Manzo, Patsy Leone, Bruce Swanson, Rick Nelson, Judy & Mike McDermott, Scott Hawkins,Michael Comiskey,Joseph Louis,Brian Osborn,Joseph Tresca,Chris Corte,John Greco,Patricia Autieri,Tracey Straub,Steven Vacco, Debbie & Lou Ferretti, Roy & Elizabeth Cairns, Gayle Spina, Nicole & Bob Sears, Ron Hicks, Michael Kinstel, Bill & Mary Williams,Keith Conklin, Donna & Greg Bolner, Mary Chason-Krause, Michael Kraus, Michael Haase, Steven and Kathleen Logalbo.


Call Steve to Finance The Dodge That’s Right For You

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Welcome To My Car Family 4

My Awesome Car Family Buys Great Cars In Carmel NY. Here are some excellent folks who have found the best deals on new cars, used pick up trucks, 2017 Ram 1500’s and so much more…

It’s always a pleasure welcoming friends, both old and new:

Kevin McGannon,Michele Lavopa, Henry Christ, Carmine Priolo,Tamanika Hammond,Nikki Diorio, Rich Miller,Emilio Pardo,Ellen Lewit,Lesley Conley, Steven and Roberta Velichko, Dennis Strnatko,Tara Boyd,Frank Chieffalo, Andy Laureti, Marisol and Mike Melendez,Gene Branson, Peter Corsino, and Jamie Williams, Lori Daly, Denise Villani, Jonathan Garcia, Scott Hackert, Ed Grabowski, Rich Conforti.

Also, thank you all who referred your friends and family to me.  It’s much appreciated.

Congratulations to you all, and thank you all for your business!

“I’ve been selling at Meadowland for over 20 years and have been Salesman of the Month and Salesman of the Year over 42 times. Do you think I might know how to make YOU happy?”

Specializing in long term relationship satisfaction, If you call me today, I promise to make you happy with your new or used car purchase!

Call Steve to See The Pacifica

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Chevy Convertibles

Thank you to my friend Phil Garner for forwarding me the following. For those of us who love auto history, these picures are truly amazing.

Below is every Chevrolet convertible model since 1912!
The collection belongs to Albaugh in Ankeny, Iowa.
The personal collection of 110+ Chevy convertibles from 1912-1975 and Corvette Convertibles from 1953-1975

That is a Chevy Convertible from every year of manufacture, except 1939.  The reason? Chevy didn’t make a convertible in 1939!
and ended it’s convertible line 1975 (except Vettes).  I wonder if us mortal humans could ever view these works of art!
(NOTE: I’ll try to get the pictures back online as soon as possible.)

Call Steve to Drive Jeep

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Small Business Owner Car Buying Guide

Meadowland of Carmel, N.Y is  now an official BUSINESS LINK DEALER.

On-the-lot vehicles that are ready to buy when you are.   If you are a small business owner, what does mean for you?

Enrollment is free, and there is no obligation . Call me at the dealership for free sign up.


Member Services

Once you’re a member you’ll be entitled to an array of exclusive benefits.

Next-Bay Service

Members are always first in line for maintenance and repair work.

Loaner Vehicles

Free Alternate Transportation Contract with the purchase of any new vehicle.+

Free Shuttle Service

Get a free ride back to your office or jobsite.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll have a single point of contact who understands your business needs.

Extended Service Hours

Longer hours mean your vehicle will be ready faster.

Upfitter & Bailment Pools

We’ll make the introductions and connect you to specialists you can trust.

Commercial Vehicles in Stock

Unrestricted Service

BusinessLink dealers service all makes and models.

Call Steve to Ram Trucks

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Welcome to My Car Family 3

 The following people very  recently purchased a vehicle from me, and I want to say THANK YOU  to all ! 

Grace Egan, Scott Deangelis, Phyliss and Greg Conlin, Joanne and Anthony Glover, Bill Muscio, Jennifer Heyd, Tom Filecco, Russ LeClair, Janeen and Tom Cunningham, Christina Muccielo, Dana Sunderlin, Sara Latterner, Elaine Barberesi, Jennifer Manzoeilli, Meghan Deutermann, Chris Lanza, Doris Schukin, Kathy Somme, and Tom Capalbo.


Enjoy your new vehicles, folks, and thank you for your business!

See Steve For Savings on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and GMC

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Trading your Car?

I saw this article, and I thought I would pass it on.  The information is terrific.

Car Salesman Confidential: Don’t Parachute Your Trade-In

Written by: Mark McDonald on April 27 2012 4:00 AM

One of the most widely accepted bits of advice you’ll find presented in practically every consumer magazine as Wisdom From Upon High is a bad idea.

The advice is  this: First, negotiate your best price on the car you’re thinking of buying. Then, and only then, should you tell your salesperson you’re planning to trade, and ask for an appraisal of your car. The thinking behind this seems to be that if you tell the salesperson up front that you’re trading in your car, he will somehow be able to use one of his Jedi mind tricks and talk you into paying too much for his car and accepting too little for your trade. Gosh, I wish I knew one of those mind tricks! I’d be rich.

There are two problems with this advice: One, it doesn’t work. and two, it requires you, the customer, to lie.

Now the reason customers hate car salespeople is that we lie, right? And we like to “play games.” So what do all the experts tell you to do when dealing with car salespeople? Lie and play games.

They even tell you how to lie, giving you the exact phraseology. “If asked whether you’re trading in your vehicle by the salesman,” the magazines say, “tell him you haven’t decided yet.”

Of course, you already have decided. You know you’re planning to trade. But revealing this information too early in the process will hurt you, according to the experts. So you lie.

Well, guess what? I know you’re planning to trade, too. Every salesperson on the planet knows what the words “I haven’t decided yet” mean. They mean you’re planning to negotiate your best price first and then drop the trade-in on us later. We’re not stupid. And we read the same books and magazines you do.

In fact, this is such a well-known customer tactic that there’s even a phrase for it in the car business. It’s called “parachuting the trade.”

But here’s the truth. You might call this one of Mark’s Maxims.

Mark’s Maxim No. 1: Tell the Salesman About the Trade

The only thing “parachuting the trade,” or holding back the fact that you’re trading, does is increase the amount of time it will take you to make a car deal. And one of the biggest complaints consumers have about buying a new car is how long it takes. So why prolong it?

Second, parachuting will cause your salesperson to distrust you, because you’ve shown a willingness to lie. With human nature being what it is — and yes, salespeople are human beings, too — knowing that they’ve been lied to makes it easier for any salesperson to rationalize lying to you.

And third, it actually hurts you in the long run, because it eliminates your bargaining power when it comes to the trade-in. The fact is, this tactic adds absolutely nothing to the value of your trade. The actual cash value of your trade-in is what it is, whether you introduce it at the end of the process or at the beginning.

Now, you’re probably wondering, how can it hurt me? Easy. Think of a car deal as a pie. There’s only so much profit available in every car deal. You can think of the total available profit as the size of the pie. Now, you can slice that pie up a zillion ways. As a customer, you can take half of it, or two thirds of it, or only a tiny slice. But if you take all of that pie right up front when negotiating the purchase price, that means there’s less pie left over when it comes time to talk about your trade. That means you’re likely to get less for your trade-in, not more, because the dealership will be trying to get back some of the profit they’ve already given up.

The best way to handle a trade-in is to tell your salesman up front that you would like to trade your current car in, but don’t have to. It all depends on what you get for it. Your main concern is, and should always be, the overall deal: the payments, the interest rate, etc., not just the trade-in value. Never focus solely on only one aspect of the deal, but take everything into account. Hey, that sounds like another maxim!

Mark’s Maxim No. 2: Always Focus on the Overall Deal — Don’t Get Hung up on Only One Aspect

If you take the honest, direct approach, most salespeople will appreciate it and work even harder for you, which is what you want. And if you can get the salesperson working for you instead of against you, you have a better chance of getting the best deal possible on the car you want.

Read more: http://blogs.motortrend.com/car-salesman-confidential-dont-parachute-your-trade-in-22673.html#ixzz1tM4eTnwq

Call Steve For Financing The GMC of Your Choice

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Car Salesman Confidential: Beware of “Experts” Bearing Advice

I recently found this article in Motor Trend, and I felt it was important to give this information to my customers.    It was written by Mark McDonald, who has written a number of articles on buying cars.

Hopefully, you will find it helpful when it’s time for you to shop for a car.

Imagine this. You’re a car" salesman. And you’ve been working with Bill and Nancy, a nice retired couple who are finding it harder and harder to get in and out of their low slung Buick Lucerne. Over the past two hours, you’ve performed a “walkaround” on several vehicles, test driven two of them, and gotten an appraisal on their trade-in. You’ve educated them on their choices, presented them with numbers, discussed their trade-in value and how it was arrived at, answered all their questions, addressed all their concerns . . . but Bill says he still needs to go home and “think about it.”

Okay, fine. You shake hands, and Bill and Nancy go home to think about it. The next day you make a follow-up call and Bill says something along the lines of: “You know, Mark, I’ve been talking to a fellow I know who sells cars" occasionally–”

“Sells cars occasionally?” you ask, getting a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. “You mean he’s a broker, or a retired salesman?”

Bill laughs. “Oh, no, no, it’s just something he does on the side, you know, more or less as a hobby. Anyway, I’ve been talking to him and he says my trade-in is worth a lot more than that.”

“Oh? How much more?” you ask.

“Well, my friend says it’s worth at least $26,000.”

“$26,000, huh? Wow. You mean we were off by $5000, according to your friend?”


“Well, Bill, I’d be pretty surprised if our Used Car Manager missed the mark by five grand on your trade". I mean, he doesn’t do this as an occasional thing, or a hobby. It’s his profession. But let’s take a look at Kelley Blue Book and see what they say.”

So while you have Bill on the phone, you pull up Kelley Blue Book and select “What’s My Current Car Worth?” Five minutes later, after you’ve entered all the correct information — the year, the make, the model, the equipment, the miles, etc. — Kelley gives you a range of $19,000 for Fair Condition, all the way up to 22K for Excellent. Your Used Car Manager has ACV’ed Bill’s trade at $20,500 — right in line with what Kelley says.

But Bill’s “expert” friend says the car is worth 26. On a hunch, you look up retail value. According to Kelley, Dealer Retail is $26,000. Bill’s friend the occasional-car-salesman-turned-expert told him full retail value.

Needless to say, this completely screws any chance you have of making a car deal with Bill, because now he has an inflated notion of what his car is worth. And even though you’ve just told Bill what KBB says, at the end of the day who’s he going to believe? The lying car salesman . . . or his trusted and well meaning buddy, the occasional car salesman?

The world is full of people who think they’re experts in car sales.

Most of them, in my opinion, know nothing. Absolutely nothing. Or, they know just enough to be dangerous. Many of them have a desire to be perceived as experts by their friends, and some of them live for the opportunity to prove they know more than a real car salesman.

But no one, no matter how smart they think they are, can tell you what the value of your trade-in is unless they’ve seen it, inspected it, driven it, talked to the owner about its history, and looked up the value in at least two reputable sources, like Black Book, NADA, or Mannheim Auction. Anyone who tells you they know the value of your trade-in is without going through this process is a fool — and they’re setting you up for major disappointment.

Whenever people have a serious decision to make , it’s only human nature to seek out the advice of a trusted friend. However, there are dangers to this. The first danger is, unless that person is truly an expert in whatever the subject is, chances are the advice they give you won’t be very good.

Just because a person has written insurance on cars doesn’t make them an expert on car values. Just because they work in a bank dealing with car loans everyday doesn’t make them an expert on car values, either. And just because they fix cars for a living doesn’t make them an expert on car values — any more than the fact I work at a car dealership makes me an expert on car insurance, what kind of interest rate you’ll get, or how to replace an EGR valve.

Second, if you call up a friend and ask them what they think of a deal you’re considering, their answer is going to be “No” every single time. Every time, with no exceptions. The friend you call — whether it’s your dad, your wife, a neighbor, a psychic you know, or your priest or rabbi — will always, always, ALWAYS say “No.” They never, never, EVER say “Yeah, go ahead, I think you should do it. Sounds like a great deal"!”


The answer is obvious. Say a friend calls you and asks for your advice. “Hey, I’m sitting here at the dealership thinking about buying one of those new SR-75 Blackbirds. They’re giving me yadda yadda for my trade and they’re asking me yadda yadda bing for their’s. The total is $30,000. Whaddya think?”

Are you going to be responsible for a friend’s $30,000 mistake?

No way. It’s much easier — and much safer — to say “No.” That way, if your friend buys, and it later turns out he got screwed, you can say “I told you so.” But if you say “Yes” and it later turns out to be a bad decision, guess who gets blamed? Yeah, that’s right. You.

Finally, unless the individual you’re relying on for advice has been there with you every step of the way, and gone through the same process you’ve gone through — the internet research, the walkarounds, the test drives, the appraisal, the presentation of numbers — they have no basis for offering an opinion. Why? Because they know none of the facts. The last time they went shopping for a car may have been six years ago. They didn’t talk to the man doing the appraisal, who pointed out the fact you need four new tires. They don’t know about the little fender bender you were in two years ago that’s on the CarFax. In fact, the person you ask for advice may not even know the asking price of the car you’re trying to buy, what kind of options it has, or the manufacturer’s incentives. In short, there is simply no way for them to know what you know after spending three weeks car shopping.

So if you’re going to seek advice, first, pick someone who truly knows cars and get that person involved from the beginning. Second, recognize that even the experts — the professionals who do this for a living every day — can’t know all the answers without first finding out all the facts.

So why would you expect your neighbor the occasional car salesman to know any more than you, or them?

Call Steve to See The Latest Dodge Models

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My Chrysler Training Blog

It’s come to my attention that our very knowledgeable Chrysler Trainer(s) have been using my blog to show their training class attendees how it’s done!

Although I am flattered, the truth is you really have to love it, like I do, in order for it to work, even a little. Don’t believe me?  Check out my archive articles.

I actually had this blog before there were blogs!  Since 1999, I’ve had an on-line presence first as a website ( I paid someone $50 per month to maintain), then as a news-letter, and now as a blog.

Does it sell cars?  Yes and no.  What kind of answer is that?  By itself, probably not.  When I add it to the other things I do  to keep in touch with new and old customers, yes, it’s very effective.

If you think the blog will be a magic bullet, forget it. Don’t waste your time.

You have any thoughts you want to share,  place your comments below.  Keep it nice, or I won’t publish it!

Call Steve to Test Drive The Pacifica

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Welcome To My Car Family 2

Bret Backus, Erika McQuade,  Kristine Kershaw,  Phil Garner, Mike Vasquez, Chris Marino, Besa Ukaj, David Johnson, Anthony Varrone, John and Emily Woodall, Gary Pecora, Chris Hamilton, Jerome Fryer,  Harvey Katzin,  & David Johnson.

Congratulations to you all,  and thank you all for your vehicle purchase!

Call Steve to Shop Jeep

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Welcome to my Car Family 1


Dom Demartino, Kathy Marcato, Steve White, John Tilesio, Steve Conner, Wendi and Mel Reyes,  Ruth and Andrew Smith, Pete Reynolds,David & Aliza Trupia, Emogene Gill, Kristin Barnholdt, James and Janet Sullivan, Allen Meier, Dawn and Lou Penny, Helen Jones, James Gust, Brian Didanato, Nelson Barrios, Greg Dias, Charlene Larsen Robert Paulson, Debra Pomales, Gale Orser, Vicki Sanders,  Vaughn Suprenant, Robert Tissier, and Doug Weinand and Anthony Hazzard !
Congratulations and Thank You!


2011 Dodge Durango,
Yep, that’s right!  One of the most
popular suv’s of all time is comin’
back, but this time it really is different.
The emphasis will not only be on style,
but real good gas mileage as well.
It will be based on the same platform
as the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
More details to follow.

Call Steve to Buy Ram Trucks

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Happy Holidays!

To all of our family, friends and associates:

It’s getting late, and I thought I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, and a Healthy New Year.

Remember to be thankful for the little things and the big ones will take care of themselves. Peace to you all.


See Steve to For Financing on The Challenger

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Meadowlands of Carmel Giving Back to The Community

Here are the posts that I have written about Meadowland of Carmel participating in the helping of local charities and community projects.


The results are in!  This is our biggest year ever, as over 5,000 lbs of dog food (that’s 3 tons!) are in the process of being delivered to the Putnam Humane Society.  Michele Dugan, Director, said:  “that  should be enough to feed the pets for most of 2014”.    That’s truly amazing.    This is in addition to the TOYS FOR TOTS and Green Chimney’s contributions.

Here Is The Tally:

122 Toys  & 171  bags of pet food. This comes out to: $10,500 + $12,500 contributions, 109 Free Oil Changes ($4,500) for a total of $27,500!!

Below are a few pictures of how much that looks like.  It should be noted that one delivery was already made!

Volz gives back PHS 007 Volz gives back PHS 006 Volz gives back PHS 003

Above middle picture is Eric Gross, reporter, interviewing Michele Dugan, Director of Putnam Humane Society.

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Thank you all our friends and customers for your generous support. Our Toys-For-Tots program was better than expected. Close to $30,000 donated, and over 500 toys contributed for the kids.


The money will be shared by (local)Toys-For  Tots, Green Chimneys, and local humane societies in Carmel and Torrington, Connecticut. It’s a good feeling to work for a company that gives generously to the community.

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Meadowland Contribution to Putnam Humane Society

Tears of Joy for Humane Society leadership
By Eric Gross
Michele Dugan, president of the Putnam County Humane Society, broke down and cried when accepting the keys to a gently used and completely refurbished Ford work van courtesy of Meadowland of Carmel.

Dugan and her office manager Colleen Zaccaro along with kennel manager Amour Duplessis were asked to stop by the auto dealership on Route 6 in Carmel last week by Barbara Volz, president of the auto dealers, to talk about trading in an old vehicle owned by the Humane Society for a newer one.

Dugan said the old van had “seen better days. We needed another vehicle but simply couldn’t afford it.”

Volz explained last Christmas, Meadowland made several contributions to area non-for-profits: “The Humane Society was so grateful—amazingly so.”

Ken Volz learned that the society needed a van and Barbara Volz said: “Each of our managers received a bonus during the holidays. We asked that they consider giving back a small portion which the company would match dollar for dollar. Our employees care for their fellow man as well and the van was purchased and refurbished with $20,000. We are all so pleased to help our neighbors.”

Dugan couldn’t believe what she was hearing: “This is the most wonderful gift. We appreciate all the support received from our entire community. This caught me off guard,” she said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Dugan thanked the the Volz family for “realizing our need since the old van was terribly dilapidated. The shelter is so lucky to have people like this support us. It’s gratifying to see that people really appreciate what we do for the animals in our community.”

The Putnam Humane Society located on Old Route 6 in Carmel behind the Putnam Plaza Shopping Center was New York State’s first no-kill shelter when the organization was founded nearly 50 years ago.

A variety of dogs and cats are available for adoption. Visitors are always welcome seven days a week during regular business hours.

Putnam Humane Society can be reached by calling 845-225-7777.

A photo originally appeared by Eric Gross showing Ken Volz and his mom, Barbara, hand a set of keys belonging to a work van to Michele Dugan and her staff last week while managers of Meadowland of Carmel look on with pride. The picture was posted on another website which I linked to. But now, that site is no longer up.

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The Walk To End Altheimers

The Volz Auto Group continues to be involved with the community.

Our next event that we have joined is the WALK TO END ALZHEIMERS.  On behalf of the  Volz Auto Group Community Committee; Anthony, Danielle and Jennifer, would like to invite you to join our first walk ever, as the VOLZ AUTO GROUP TEAM.

The walk is on Sunday October 14, 2012 in Carmel.  We welcome both you and your family members/friends to join us in this cause.  Since my family lost our mom two years ago to this terrible disease, I will personally be involved.

The Committee Is:

Jennifer Austin (Giustino)
Anthony Hazzard
Danielle Basciano

We know it’s long way off, so mark your calendars now, and make a committment, and make a difference.

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Volz Auto Gives Back

As we have done in the past, the Volz  Auto Group plans on giving back to the community during the holiday season.

Below Are The Details:

We will give a $250 discount on any new or used car or a free oil change in exchange for a toy(value of over $30) or a similar value donation for one of the following for the Putnam humane society.

  • Purina Pro Plan Dry Shredded Chicken Blend for dogs
  • Purina Pro Plan Dry Chicken & Rice For Cats
  • Friskies Canned Cat Food (no fish please)
  • Kitty Litter

Special Note

The following items are always much needed, but are not included in this program:

  • Dog Treats
  • Blankets
  • Comforters
  • Towels

We also will be donating $50 to be split between Putnam Humane Society, and Green Chimneys in Brewster for every car delivered during our program.

The toys will be split between toys for tots and local orphanages.

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing a vehicle here, please feel free to stop in with a gift. It will be greatly appreciated!

This special program runs from November 15th to December 15th.


Any Questions?

Contact me and I will be glad to help!

Learn More About Meadowland of Carmel

See Steve For A Test Drive

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2nd Annual Meadowland Charity Car Wash

The 2011 Meadowland Charity Car Wash Was A Complete Success!

Kristina Verde, and her crew, collected  $400.00 for the St. Judes’s Childrens Hospital. It was really gratifying to see our youth work hard for such a worthy cause.

All hands were on deck, including  Laurie and Joe Verde (Mom and Dad- and kids), and Grandma and Grandpa Devito.  Special kudos to Anthony Hazzard who washed a few cars too!

Kristina and Laurie hard at work on the Hazzardmobile!


Papa Joe shining the wheels

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Free Gift for Those Who Participate in Toys For Tots

Volz Auto Group has proudly served the upper New York area for 40 years and is pleased to announce that they will once again be contributing to the Toys-for-Tots program.

In addition, from November 15 to December 15, 2010 all five Volz dealerships (Meadowland of Carmel, Bill Volz Westchester, Brewster Ford, Torrington Ford and Wilson Nissan) will be accepting toy donations from their customers.  Last year over 1,000 toys were donated, thanks to our customers!

And as a thank you, any Volz customer who participates, will get a free oil change and a $250 discount toward any vehicle in stock.  To be eligible for the $250,  you simply bring in a toy ($20+ value).

Also, $50 will be contributed for each vehicle sold during that period.  We expect this be even bigger than last year.  We hope you will join us.  Mark your calendar: This program ends on 17th of December.

This year, the proceeds will go to the Toys-For-Tots, Green Chimneys and the animal shelters in Putnam County, and Torrington, Ct.

We were also delighted by the hundreds people who came into the dealership, and helped fill up our Ram pick- up truck with toys.

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The 2nd Annual St.Jude Car Wash

Meadowland is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual St. Jude car wash on Sunday October 2, 2011.  It is being organized  Kristina Verde, who is the daughter of Meadowland lead service tech, Joe Verde!

We had a phenomenal turn out last year and we are hoping for the same this year. Every cent of the proceeds will go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. We hope to see you there, we all had a good time last year, and this year is going to be even better!

Come On Down to Meadowland and Get Your Car Washed

And at the same time, give to a great cause. It starts at 10:00 a.m. and will end early afternoon.

BTW: Meadowland of Carmel is located at 1952 Rt. Six, Carmel, N.Y. 10512,  just 10 minutes west of Danbury, Ct.

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Meadowland Sales and Service Hours

Day Open Closed
Monday 9:00AM 8:00PM
Tuesday 9:00AM 8:00PM
Wednesday 9:00AM 8:00PM
Thursday 9:00AM 8:00PM
Friday 9:00AM 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM 6:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM 4:00PM
Day Open Closed
Monday 7:30AM 5:00PM
Tuesday 7:30AM 5:00PM
Wednesday 7:30AM 5:00PM
Thursday 7:30AM 5:00PM
Friday 7:30AM 5:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM 3:00PM
Sunday Closed Closed

Meadowland Car Dealership

More of Steve’s archived posts about Meadowland of Carmel New York
Happiness is…
What Snow Storm!
Meadowland of Carmel donates $3,000 to Toys for Tots
Businessman Fits Children and Bus With Pajamas
Our new waiting room!
Meadowland on eBay!
Meadowland of Carmel- Moving forward

Happiness is…

At Meadowland, we like to think we are unique in many ways. Not only have we been here for 40 years (!), but we have many employees who are enjoying long-term employment here as well.

It really is a good sign when you see the same faces each time you come into Meadowland.  I am certain that this is a record that is probably unmatched by any dealership in the tri-state area.  We feel that happy employees and happy customers go hand-in-hand !  Wouldn’t you agree?

So who are we?  The following is a list of us ! ( 5years or more)

The Volz Family, 40 years, same location (wow)!

Bob Young
28 Years
Steve Kaplan
21 Years
Tim Smith
17 Years
John Russel
16 Years
Sharon Giustino
13 Years
Mike Risi
9 Years
Tom Healy
7 Years
Joe Hickey
5 Years
Jen Thompkins
15 Years
Eddie Pinyan
23 Years
Billy O’Brien
28 Years
John Verde
26 Years
Ken Keppler
15 Years
John Herrera
15 Years
Jim Sheppard
12 Years
Melvin Bland
15 Years
Nick Orsini
13 Years
Danielle Orsini
13 Years
Pat Casale
9 Years
Rob Scuderi
8 Years
CJ Machin
5 Years
John Varga
6 Years
Body Shop
Brian Morrow
15 Years

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What Snow Storm!

January 13, 2011

Snow storm no match for Meadowland!

Our cleared lot at Meadowland after a snow storm

When it comes to snow, Meadowland is always up on our game. The lots are plowed and ready for our happy customers! We are currently working on cleaning the snow around the cars which should be completed very shortly. Being a 5 Star Chrysler Dealership means that we are there for our customers which include having a snow-cleared lot. Sales,  Service, Parts and Body shop  employees are working hard to shovel out the cars.

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Meadowland of Carmel donates $3,000 to Toys for Tots

From LoHud: 12.23.10

Meadowland of Carmel raised $3,000 and collected hundreds of toys that were presented to Bill Lewis, coordinator for Toys for Tots across the Hudson Valley.

The presentation was made at the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown, Lewis’s regional headquarters for the Marine Corps League’s annual toy and donation drive.

Anthony Hazzard, the dealership’s director of social networking (pictured below), said the fundraising come from a variety of sources, including a Facebook page for which each new “Friend” or customer testimonial would prompt a $10 donation.

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Businessman Fits Children and Bus With Pajamas

In this era of corporate greed, and corrupt politicians it’s really heart-warming and encouraging to hear about something positive for a change. The following excerpt, from the Wall Street Journal, is about one of our Meadowland customers, David Kucera, and his mission to help kids in need.

Providing children in need with a cozy pair of pajamas and a new book is the singular simple mission of the Pajama Program.

Now in its 10th year, the charity works to provide books and bedclothes to children—infants to teenagers—who live in shelters and group homes. The organization partners with 2,000 such places nationwide.

David Kucera
Before she co-founded the program, Genevieve Piturro personally delivered pajamas to group homes. She quickly realized that many children slept in their daytime clothing.
“The fear when they lie down on a sofa or a futon in a strange place was overwhelming to me,” said Ms. Piturro. “That’s not how kids should go to sleep. They should be comforted and feel tomorrow will be an OK day.”
The most critical time for donations is during the coldest months, October through March, but “the waitlist is longer than ever because of the economy,” she said. A set of pajamas and a book costs roughly $10.
And so, Westchester businessman David Kucera, 51 years old, is stepping in again to host “Stuff a Bus” this week, which will run until Friday.
Mr. Kucera owns County Coach Corp. transportation company, and contributes the use of a school bus and driver for the annual effort. His combined donation of the bus and his personal gifts total about $35,000.
“Some of these kids don’t even know what pajamas are. Never wore a pair in their life,” said Mr. Kucera.
The bus visits schools and businesses around Westchester County and gets stuffed “from the back to the front” and “floor to ceiling” with pajamas and books, said Mr. Kucera.
The need is personal to Mr. Kucera, who lived for six years at the Andrus Children’s Center in Yonkers, N.Y.
“A lot of these kids don’t have parents. I was one of those kids years ago. And I became successful in business and I saw an opportunity for me to help these kids,” he said.
This year’s goal for “Stuff a Bus” week is to collect 5,000 pair of pajamas and 2,500 books.
The items will be delivered to children in Westchester by Thanksgiving.
“When we go to these different shelters and hand these pajamas out, you see the faces light up on these kids. It’s wonderful,” said Mr. Kucera.

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Our NEW Waiting Room!

In your busy life-style, we know that waiting for your car to be serviced is probably the last thing you would like to do!  Our goal is to get you in and out as fast as we can, and as comfortably as possible.

We have just re-decorated our large waiting room to make that wait more comfortable.

New, over-stuffed leather couches await you. Two (2) wide screen Hi Def TV’s and 2 brand new lap top computers are ready for you to check your email,  Facebook status, or just surf the net!

Plenty of beverages and  huge selection of snacks are available as well.  Hot coffee, tea, or cocoa are always ready for you.  I think you will like our new look.  Let us know..

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Meadowland on eBay!

Did you ever think of buying a car on eBay? Well, we never sold them there either. Until now! I just listed a few of our cars to start. Visit our site on eBay, and let me know what you think.

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Meadowland of Carmel- Moving Forward

Hello Friends!

We have received many emails, phone calls, and even numerous personal visits to our dealership, wondering if we “survived the cut.”

Thank you for your concern. We really appreciate it.

Good News!
Meadowland Of Carmel is NOT going anywhere!  We will be acquiring new franchises, as some of our weaker competitors go out.

Although it is exciting times for us, we do not gloat when anyone goes out of business, especially in these circumstances.  The local home-town dealer has always been a source of employment and support in most communities around the U.S., and Carmel, NY is no exception.

Our business, actually, has been pretty good.  We are not breaking records, but rather holding our own quite nicely.  We have had no layoffs, and recently hired someone.

Feel free to contact me either by phone, email, and of course, in person, and I will be glad to assist you.

Again, thank you for your interest in our dealership.


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Meadowland Sells Cars

You can find these Meadowland of Carmel Articles Below:

Meadowland Express Lube adds Sunday Hours!
Car Wash and Car Show at Meadowland 8-15-2010
Meadowland Has Gone Mobile
A Lot Going on at Meadowland!

Meadowland Express Lube adds Sunday Hours!

You want an oil change?  In a hurry?  Don’t want the hassle of making an appointment?  We understand.  We really do.   We have listened to your suggestions, and have added expanded hours for oil changes.    Note the new Sunday hours.  I think that’s amazing, don’t you?   You will find our service is outstanding, and our prices are extremely competitive.

Our new oil change Express Lane, has added new hours:

Monday through Thursday: 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

Sunday: 8 a.m.- 5  p.m.

No appointment necessary!  Just drive up, any make or model, whether you bought it here or not, it doesn’t matter.

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Car Wash and Car Show at Meadowland 8-15-2010

This Sunday, 8/15 – 9:00 am, here at Meadowland of Carmel: A Car Wash & Car Show. $4.00 for a car wash with all proceeds going to St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital. This entire event is being organized by Kristina Verde ! Raffle drawings (free oil changes from Meadowland) .You got a “showy” car? Bring it. Family fun. Hot Dogs and more. Our techs are getting amped up to strut their stuff!


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As of July 1, 2011, we are officially a Jeep franchised dealer. We now have all four Chrysler brands under one roof: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram.  Are we excited?  After 15 plus years of waiting, hoping, and planning, we are ecstatic!  When I first joined Meadowland, (15+ years ago!), we were told that the Jeep brand was ours.  At the last minute the selling party pulled out of the deal, and the wait was on.

We currently have a terrific selection of Jeeps in stock, and many trailer-loads on the way.  There is no doubt, that within a very short period of time, we will be the leading Jeep source in our region.

Also coming soon will be the new brand logos on our building and Chrysler “arch”.   Keeping checking back in my blog for new logo too!

For our loyal GMC customers, we will continue to grow with that brand as well.   To increase our exposure, our GMC products will have their own new place, which is located right up the block from Meadowland.  For those who know our area, it’s the old rental building.  New signs will be up soon for that as well.  I will be able sell both, so see me for GMC’s as well.  Service will still be at Meadowland.

This is a great time to be in the car business, and a terrific time to buy cars as well.   Hope to see you all soon.

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Back by popular demand !  The first one was sooo good, we decided to do it again. This time, we won’t run out of burgers!

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Prepare to come and have lunch. While you are here, test drive a 2011 vehicle and you will automatically receive a free oil change! A win-win-win! Triple Win!

For more information, give me a call: (845)-225-8468 (x 206), or email me at:  stevek@volzauto.com

Come one, Come all to the annual Customer Appreciation Event!

The event will take place at Meadowland on Saturday May 14th from 9AM-6PM.

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Meadowland Has Gone Mobile

You can now view our entire inventory on your smart phone/mobile device.  It looks terrific!

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A Lot Going on at Meadowland!

It seems like even when we might not appear to be busy, we’re busy anyway!

A few weeks ago, the heavy rain we all experienced, decided to visit our service department. The roof leaked, and the room was turned into a wading pool.

Within 4 hours, a command- post team lead by Bob Volz, and Kenn Kepler , set up a  temporary service department right on the show room floor .  All the guys in service pitched in, laying out cables for new computers, moving tables and chairs.  It was truly amazing.  I don’t think one service customer was inconvenienced. We continue to be totally operational.

The service department is currently being remodeled, and the cause of the leak has been fixed.

Our front door has finally been fixed. We no longer have to explain (daily) why there were no cars on the showroom floor.

Basically, here’s what happened:  We had a new Chrysler franchise arch put up in the front of the dealership.  Unfortunately, the genius engineers who built it, didn’t  figure on our existing front doors swinging open to allow the cars into the showroom  Their error was not discovered until after the arch was up 🙁

The only way to get the cars in was to remove one of the door panels, which was not convenient to say the least. Sooooo, the new doors were put in the other day, and they are not only  functional, but they look great.

The winter snows have melted, Spring is officially here, and Jeeps are on the way (more about that to follow). Life is good.

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Chrysler Blog Archives

When I am not busy getting the best deals for my customers in Carmel, I enjoy writing articles for the car blog. Here are some older posts with pictures than span nearly 70 years.

2017 Chrysler 200 For Sale at Meadowland of Carmel
Chrysler Gains Market Share
Chrysler sales up 27% for best October since 2007Chrysler sales up 27% for best October since 2007
Chrysler sales rose 23% in January
Chrysler PT Cruiser Will Continue Production
Chrysler to sell 4 Fiat 500 models

2017 Chrysler 200 For Sale at Meadowland of Carmel

I Really Love My Chrysler 200…

I remember when I became the proud new owner of a 2015 Chrysler 200 LTD.  No doubt, it is the best car I have ever driven.  Yes, I work at a Chrysler dealership, but hey, it’s my money, so I had to be certain.  While I was doing my research, I came across this article in Motor Trend, which sums up my feelings.  I have test driven the cars listed, so no surprises there.

2015 Chrysler 200 LTDIf you are interested in taking a closer look at one, contact me at the dealership, and I would be glad to arrange a test drive for you.  No obligation. Motor Trend was equally impressed.   Below is their test drive results.  I hope you enjoy it.  Motor Trend “Drive and Decide” Test Drive Event The People Have Spoken:

With the best-selling mid-sized sedan segment being so stacked, how do you decide which car is the best while including the input of the actual car-buying public?

To settle this argument, we created the Motor Trend “Drive and Decide” test drive event and asked automotive enthusiasts and new car shoppers to compare the top vehicles against the Chrysler 200 and give us their honest and unbiased opinions.

This two-day event offered multiple opportunities for guests to familiarize themselves with the Chrysler 200 and evaluate it beside the Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry.

The Vehicles:

Dynamics Course:

  • Chrysler 200S 3.6L 295-HP
  • Chrysler 200S AWD 3.6L 295-HP
  • Chevy Malibu LTZ 2.0L Turbo 259-HP
  • Ford Fusion SE 2.0L EcoBoost 240-HP
  • Toyota Camry SE 3.5L 268-HP

Street Drive – 4 Groupings

  • Chevy Malibu LT 2.5L 196-HP
  • Ford Fusion SE 2.5L 175-HP
  • Chrysler 200C 2.4L 184-HP
  • Chrysler 200S AWD 3.6L 295-HP
  • Ford Fusion SE 2.0L EcoBoost 240-HP
  • Chevy Malibu LTZ 2.0L Turbo 259-HP
  • Chrysler 200C 2.4L 184-HP
  • Ford Fusion SE 2.5L 175-HP
  • Chevy Malibu LT 2.5L 196-HP
  • Chrysler 200C 3.6L 295-HP
  • Ford Fusion SE 2.0L EcoBoost 240-HP
  • Chevy Malibu LTZ 2.0L Turbo 259-HP

The Event:

Day one featured a select group of influential automotive enthusiasts who were treated to a private introduction to the vehicles on an abandoned airstrip in California hosted by Professional racecar driver and television broadcaster, Tommy Kendall. The second day expanded the opportunity to include a much larger audience of in-market consumers and owners of vehicles in the segment.

Participants were first asked to compare the levels of fit, finish and features of each vehicle. It was during these evaluations that some of the Chrysler 200’s features began to stand out–like the car’s massive 8.4-inch UConnect touchscreen with 3D navigation capabilities; its 506-watt, 10-speaker sound system; and its precision instrumentation clusters. Sophisticated interior design and craftsmanship details like open poor wood accents and French stitched leather—features not normally found in this segment—continued to impress the most critical consumers.

Guests then had an opportunity to get behind the wheel in a series of performance and handling exercises on the track-based and in the real world. Once again, the Chrysler 200 stood out, thanks to its 3.6-liter Pentastar® V6, Sport Mode with paddle shifters, and the All-Wheel Drive system. And even though it delivers an impressive 36 highway mpg, participants didn’t have to sacrifice performance when they tested the 184-horsepower 2.4L Tigershark® MultiAir® II four-cylinder engine.

The Results:

The results from the Motor Trend Drive and Decide are undeniable: 77% of participants said the Chrysler 200 was the vehicle they liked best and was the most likely to be considered for their next new car purchase.
Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/promoted.html#ixzz3OFIlc6kd

Link To Steve For New or Pre-Owned Chrysler Offers

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Concept Cars Not For Sale…Yet!

Growing up in an era where cars were rolling art, I was always in awe of the concept cars that were on the display at the NY International Auto Show. I still have fond memories of taking the train into the city with my friends, then going up uptown to the NY Coliseum, obviously, before the Javits Center.

These cars were one-of-a-kind, and were usually destroyed after the show was over. I found out years later, that they were dismantled because of  liability concerns on the part of the manufacturers. Not all were scrapped, however, and some were secretly stored away, and showed up years later, often  at auctions, selling for millions!

One of my favorites was the 1954 Olds Rocket F-88. The idea of putting it into production  was killed by GM, as it would have put a hurt on the Corvette. Imagine that?  Google the history of it. It is quite fascintating.

Below are a bunch of my faves. Look at the ’55 Lincoln Futura. It sure looks like the bat mobile, right?

Again, I want to thank my buddy, Phil Garner for the pix.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

’51 Buick XP -300

51 Buick XP-300

’52 Chrysler Delegance

52 Chrysler DELEGANCE


’56 Pontiac Club DeMer1956 Pontiac Club DeMer

’54 Olds Rocket F-88

1954 Oldsmobile Rocket F88

’54 Ford LaTosca

1954 Ford La Tosca


’57  Buick Centurion    

1957 Buick Centurion 11

57 Lincoln Futura

55 Linclon Futura

’57 Chrysler Diablo

1957 Chrysler Diablo

’56 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket56 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket

Link To Steve For Chrysler Sales and Service Hours

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Phil Garner 001 (1)

Phil Garner’s 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible
Phil is the original owner of this American Classic.
Facts: It’s 318 cu in (230 HP). 4 speed manual transmission w/Sure Grip (posi-traction) *HD SUSPENSION, DISC BRAKES, ORIGINAL VINYL INTERIOR

He has driven in it in 49 states of the U.S.A –

It has 437,000 original miles

Engine has never been rebuilt

Original brake rotors

All original parts

Valve job and timing chain at 437,000 original miles

Only 2,400 made

Only 86 made with 318 c.c. engine and 4 speed transmission  !  How many could possibly be left?


22-23 MPG –highway.

Preventative: Every 100,000 miles: new fuel pump/water pump,rebuild the carb and alternator.

Uses Amsoil, synthetic oil, changes every 6 mos.

Original price: $3,765.15

Phil taught 7th and 8th grade science in Carmel for 32 years. In 1985 he became the science Chairman at the middle school and held that position until 2001.

Phil Garner now retired, has lived in Carmel for many years!

Link To Steve For New or Pre-Owned Chrysler Specials

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Chrysler Gains Market Share

May 2, 2012
Auto sales recovery continues as Chrysler leads the pack
Detroit Free Press


Auto sales continued at a strong pace in April, but some carmakers, especially Chrysler, did better than others

Chrysler’s sales rose 20.4% from a year earlier as sales of its midsize Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger soared, along with the full-size Chrysler 300. By contrast, Ford and General Motors both lost market share from a year earlier, partly because they are selling fewer cars to rental companies and corporate fleets.

There were three fewer selling days this April compared with April 2011, but overall the industry’s annual selling rate was 14.4 million, about even with March’s pace and up from 13.2 million a year earlier.

Chrysler has gained two full points of market share so far this year even without the new Dodge Dart, which will begin to arrive in dealerships in June.

“The challenge is to fuel this momentum,” chief marketing officer Olivier François said last week. “We have the combination of a new car like the Dart and the second full year of the (Chrysler) 300, 200, (Dodge) Durango and (Jeep) Compass.”

GM’s sales declined 8.2% and Ford’s slipped 5.1%.

See Steve For The Best Options on Buying or Leasing Chrysler

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Chrysler sales up 27% for best October since 2007

Chrysler’s U.S. light-vehicle sales jumped 27% in October, while General Motors’ increased 1.7% and Ford sales rose 6% from a year earlier, as industry sales were projected to approach their highest levels this year.

Honda sales fell 0.5% but there were increases for the Pilot SUV, CR-V and Odyssey minivan.

On Monday, Honda said it will stop all production at North American factories on Nov. 11 and eliminate Saturday overtime work through November due to parts shortages caused by flooding in Thailand.

Toyota’s October sales slipped 7.8% from a year earlier. Sales of its new 2012 Camry declined 2.6% to 11,008. The first 2012 Camry hybrids will begin to reach dealerships this month. Sales of the Lexus luxury brand fell 11% to 18,092.

GM’s sales under performed estimates of a 7% increase from Edmunds.com, which said the automaker did so by decreasing lower-margin sales to fleets. GM increased increased sales to individual customers 3%, dragged down by declines from Buick and Cadillac, which is selling down stocks of its discontinued DTS and STS ahead of new model introductions next year. Chevrolet sales rose 6%, with an 18.3% gain in Equinox sales and a 6.9% increase for the Silverado.

Chrysler’s year-over-year sales gain benefited from newer models such as the Jeep Compass and Dodge Journey. The Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger midsize sedans, launched earlier this year, more than tripled the sales of the models they replaced. Sales of the Ram pickup truck rose 21%. Chrysler is also relying less on sales to fleet customers such as car rental companies and government agencies.

Sales of Ford’s 2012 Focus, a redesigned model launched earlier this year, were essentially unchanged from a year earlier. Focus sales again fell below its primary competitor, Chevrolet’s Cruze.

Other automakers will release October sales results throughout the day. Analysts had predicted a sales rate of 13.2 million, just shy of the 13.3 million annual rate seen in February, according to a survey by Bloomberg News. GM predicted an even higher sales rate of about 13.5 million light vehicles, as Japanese vehicles continue to refill dealer lots after production disruptions following that country’s March earthquake and tsunami.

Detroit Free Press- 11/1/2011

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Chrysler plans to invest about $365 million to expand its Toledo Assembly Complex and add more than 1,105 new jobs, according to documents provided to the Free Press.

Chrysler plans to retain about 900 jobs at the plant and add the new jobs after it completes the expansion in 2013, according to tax incentive proposals drafted by the city.

In return for the potential investment, the city of Toledo is offering Chrysler $15.4 million in tax abatements, grants and other incentives over a period of 15 years.

“We know that our community is competing with other areas which are vying for this impressive project,” Toledo Deputy Mayor Thomas Crothers said in an April 20 letter to Chrysler.

Chrysler builds the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro SUVs at the Toledo plant. Chrysler’s product plan calls for the existing Jeep Liberty to be replaced with a new product based on a Fiat platform in 2013. Fiat is Chrysler’s majority owner.

While Chrysler declined to confirm the investment plans, it provided the Free Press with the following statement:

“In January 2011, Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that the company was considering a possible investment in its Toledo (Ohio) Assembly Complex. As part of the process, Chrysler Group is working with state and local governments to secure incentives that would support the business case for such an investment. However, any decision to invest in the Toledo facility would be contingent upon final approval of state and local incentives and final acceptance of all agreements by the Company.”

Food for thought: ” Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Chrysler plant in N.Y State?

What do you think (comment below)

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Chrysler sales rose 23% in January

1:13 PM, Feb. 1, 2011  |


Chrysler reported sales in January rose 23% from a year earlier, led by the Jeep Grand Cherokee which showed sales more than doubling.

Dodge sold 1,199 of the high-margin Dodge Durango SUV, which shares its underlying structure with the Grand Cherokee.

Other hot-selling products were the Dodge Grand Caravan, up 82%; Jeep Patriot, up 75%; and Dodge Challenger, up 50%.

The Auburn Hills automaker did not report any sales in January of the Fiat 500 minicar, which is arriving now in dealerships.

“We have started the year on a strong note and we intend to continue gaining sales momentum as our new 2011 models hit dealer showrooms during this first quarter,” said Fred Diaz, president and CEO of the Ram truck brand.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Will Continue Production


Chrysler Group LLC announced that the Chrysler PT Cruiser will continue.

The Chrysler Group Toluca Assembly Plant – the exclusive home of Chrysler PT Cruiser –
will continue to build the quality-proven, versatility packaged and “too cool to categorize” small car!

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Chrysler to sell 4 Fiat 500 models

Chrysler Group LLC, the automaker run by Fiat SpA, will sell four models of the Italian carmaker’s 500 subcompact in the United States, CEO Sergio Marchionne said.

Chrysler, which emerged from bankruptcy on June 10, eventually will sell a convertible, wagon and sporty version called the “Abarth” in addition to the four-seat subcompact in the United States, Marchionne said in an interview on June 30. While the base 500 will go on sale next year, he didn’t say when the other models will be available.

“All of those cars will be coming to the U.S.,” Marchionne said. “Fiat will be known in the U.S. purely in terms of its 500 car.”

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Buying and Leasing Dodge,Ram,and More

Everyday I answer questions about the benefits of buying or leasing, and it’s really worthwhile to know all the options. There are new programs and incentives coming out all the time. But sometimes I enjoy looking back to the history of companies like Dodge and Chrysler. Here are some archived articles from car blog, several years ago.

How Chrysler Bought Dodge Brothers
The all-new 2011 Dodge Durango
Mariano Rivera – Dodge Challenger
MiniVan Madness at Meadowland

How Chrysler Bought Dodge Brothers

Chysler Dodge’s Interesting History

For those who enjoy automotive history as much as I do, I hope you enjoy the following:

by Mike Sealey

History does not tell us about Walter P. Chrysler’s abilities as a poker player, but his approach to and eventual acquisition of Dodge Brothers suggests he may well have been as good as any.

When the 1920s opened, Dodge Brothers was one of the stronger manufacturers, having started as a machine shop making engines for curved-dash Oldsmobiles and most of the assembly of the earliest Fords on a subcontracting basis before building the cars bearing their own names in 1914. (Dodge’s first dealer was Cumberland Motors of Nashville, Tennessee, which remained in business until the late 1960s, proudly advertising their status as “World’s First Dodge Dealer.”)

Dodge Brothers did not immediately offer a truck line, and when it did, only a single model was offered. Even that started out life as a purpose-built ambulance for US forces in World War I before morphing into an actual factory-built pickup in 1918.

Both brothers died in 1920 – John in January, Horace in December – and despite productive moves such as the hiring of Frederick J. Haynes to run the company, and a 1921 joint venture with the Graham brothers to produce Graham Brothers trucks (which used Dodge mechanicals and were sold through Dodge dealers), the Dodge widows appear to have considered themselves unable to run the business themselves. (Interestingly, Matilda Rausch Dodge, John’s widow, had been his secretary in the company’s earliest days.) The widows sold the company to New York investment bankers Dillon, Reed & Co. in 1925 for $146,000,000, an astronomical sum in an era when a new Ford sold for less than $300.

John Bittence, Editor, Dodge Brothers Club News, added: “Frederick Haynes of Dodge Brothers was not the Haynes of Haynes-Apperson [as we had written]. Frederick Haynes attended Cornell University where he learned state-of-the-art casting and mold making, and came to Dodge from Franklin Motors early in the machine-shop era of the Dodge Brothers, bringing Russell Huff, Franklin engineer, to Dodge when they started on the car.

While Dillon, Reed apparently bought Dodge with the intention of selling it, Dodge continued to operate at a profit after the takeover. Dodge management under Dillon, Reed went on to buy out the Graham Brothers in 1926 (who went on to buy Paige-Detroit, renaming it Graham-Paige, which was then sold to Kaiser-Frazer) and consolidate all truck manufacture under the Dodge Brothers name.

Having started out building engines and transmissions for other auto manufacturers, Dodge was a relative colossus among independent automakers, most of whom bought a much higher percentage of components from outside suppliers. Dodge had an enormous plant complex in Hamtramck, Michigan (known as “Dodge Main” until the day it was torn down in 1980), with its own foundry, hospital, and even its own telephone exchange. Dodge also had one of the strongest dealer networks in the business.

Dillon, Reed had a pretty good idea of what it had, and had no intention of letting it go cheaply.

The fledgling Chrysler Corporation, at this time still not much larger than it had been as Maxwell-Chalmers, was a relative fly on the wall in somparison. Walter Chrysler desperately needed Dodge’s foundry and production capacity if he was ever going to make it The Big Three. It’s unclear now whether there was other interest in Dodge besides that of Chrysler, but it seems likely that there would have been… Billy Durant, for one, mad acquisitionist that he was, had to have been at least a little bit tempted.

Unlike GM, which acquired more than thirty different car, truck and tractor manufacturers before settling down with the five core car divisions plus GMC Truck, or Ford, which seems to have acquired Lincoln as much for Henry I to administer a dose of payback to Henry and Wilfred Leland as anything else, Chrysler absolutely needed Dodge, and Walter Chrysler never seemed inclined to acquire any other existing makes during his lifetime. (Indeed, he killed Chalmers immediately upon taking over M-C, and built the last Maxwell less than two years after that.)

His scheme for getting Dodge was quite possibly his most audacious act since buying the Locomobile touring car that became his introduction to the auto business.

Companion makes were very much in the news at the time, with Hudson’s Essex a huge success and Willys-Overland’s Whippet not far short of that. Studebaker had a smaller car, the Erskine (named after the company CEO), but its greatest success was overseas. At GM, Cadillac had the lower-priced LaSalle filling the gap between Cadillac and Buick, and Oakland had the popular Pontiac, which outlived its parent (Oakland was dropped in 1932). Buick had the lower-priced Marquette in the wings, which differed from established Buick practice in that it had a flathead engine, and Oldsmobile was preparing to introduce the Viking, unusual among GM makes in that it was actually higher priced than its parent car.

Most of the GM companion make activity was aimed right at Dodge’s segment of the market, which had to have made Dillon, Reed somewhat less than comfortable.

Into this fray stepped Walter Chrysler with the announcement of three new makes of vehicles. The first Plymouth (or “Chrysler Plymouth” as it was originally billed) was a continuation of the old Chrysler Four, which was itself a continuation of the final Maxwell. But Dillon, Reed was likely far more unnerved by the other two introductions; a new lightweight six-cylinder car, the DeSoto, which initially sold right below Dodge in price, and the Fargo line of trucks, aimed straight at the Dodge truck line. In his excellent biography of Walter P. Chrysler, Vincent Curcio states that DeSoto and Fargo were created for the primary purpose of intimidating Dillon, Reed into selling Dodge… which they did later in 1928 for $170 million, perhaps short of their asking price but still at a profit.

It seems that Chrysler successfully bet the entire company on his ability to buy Dodge Brothers; in later years, he was quoted as saying, “without Dodge, there would be no Plymouth car.” In the sense that Plymouth and the other makes would not have been able to expand production as they later did without Dodge’s capacity, not to mention the later sale of Plymouths by Dodge dealers, this was true… and yet, Plymouth, DeSoto and Fargo production were all well under way when the Dodge sale took place. It’s interesting, and a little unsettling, to imagine how the two firms would have weathered the upcoming Depression had they remained separate, what with Chrysler’s new multiple makes and low production capacity, and Dodge’s ownership by an investment firm with no other ties to the auto industry.

Curcio also stated that Chrysler’s original intention was to drop DeSoto and Fargoupon acquiring Dodge. With Fargo, this wasn’t difficult, since the Fargo line was sold by Chrysler-Plymouth dealers.

DeSoto, on the other hand, was sold through a separate network of three thousand dealers, who would have had grounds for legal action had Chrysler dropped the make as planned. The fact that DeSoto Division was headed by Chrysler son-in-law Byron Foy may been an additional complication.

In any event, DeSoto took the first year sales record for a new make, and appears to have been profitable for most of its years (1934, the Airflow year, being an exception). DeSoto gained a reprieve that lasted an amazing 32 years in the United States, and which continues to this day in Turkey.

The first DeSoto was the 1929 Series K, bearing Spanish-influenced names such as Cupe de Lujo (DeLuxe Coupe), Faeton (Phaeton), and Roadster Espanol. The Walter P. Chrysler Museum website states: “More than 5,010 dealers signed up to sell the new DeSoto, sight-unseen, when it was announced in the Detroit Free Press on May 6, 1928. The DeSoto provided comfort and style for a moderate price.”

 Dodge would turn out to be more successful than the moderately short-lived DeSoto over the years, for various reasons, often related to internal politics as much as anything else. Though the Dodge brothers were exclusively car-makers for most of their years, Dodge would become associated with trucks after many decades with Chrysler Corporation.

Original is at How Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers http://www.allpar.com/history/dodge.html#ixzz2QqhhaWFG
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After much automotive and consumer attention, the 2013 Dodge Dart is finally here!  If you saw it at the NY Car Show, or even in videos (go to YouTube), you will know why we are really excited.  We all took turns test-driving, and the results were completely unanimous:  Terrific appearance, very comfortable interior, with huge leg and head room, and outstanding handling.  We drove the 6- speed manual Tiger Shark Turbo.  Even with the turbo, it’s rated at 39mpg highway, with combined at 32 mpg!

I’ve been here 16 years, and I have to tell you, it’s the coolest car launch I’ve seen since the PT Cruiser (2001).  The 300  wasn’t so bad either, but nothing like this.  Several of us here have already indicated they are going to order one. I could be one!   Hopefully, you will want to stop by and test drive the new Dart with me.  Contact me, and I will be glad to schedule you.

Mike Risi, fellow Meadowland-er, and I went for a cruise.  Here’s a pic of Mike waving his enthusiasm!

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One of the most talked about new cars in the Chrysler line-up will be the 2012 Dodge Dart.   For those too young to remember, the Dodge Dart was a very successful car in the 60’s and 70’s.  (Do a google image search). It’s going into full production in April, which means we can probably look forward to early summer delivery.  It’s going to me made in the Belvidere plant, which btw, was were the Neon was made.  It will be available in 3 engine sizes, and manual transmission will also be available. The basic engine will get 165HP, and get41MPG.  Starting price will be around $15,999. There is no doubt that this car will be a winner.

Any questions on it?  Feel free to contact, (phone/email), and I will be glad to help.  I am also taking taking early orders on it.  This is what we did when the PT Cruiser first came out.

2013 Dart

Call Steve to Test Drive The Journey

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The all-new 2011 Dodge Durango

Image: Durango
The 2011 Dodge Durango shows how far the SUV has come from the stone ax-simple pickup truck-derived model that debuted in 1998.

“You get what you pay for” — the aphorism normally holds true, but not always. Sometimes it’s possible to get more than you pay for.

The Dodge Durango Is A Case In Point.

It shares a substantial portion of its underlying hardware with the Mercedes GL-Class SUV, and that shared heritage shows in the Durango’s refined ride and handling.

The bottom line for the two-wheel-drive V-6 entry-model Durango I tested recently was $34,740, including shipping and options such as GPS navigation, satellite radio, Smartbeam automatic high beam headlights and automatic windshield wipers.

2011 Dodge Durango Crew

Base price: $33,195

Price as tested: $34,740

EPA fuel economy: 16 city/24 highway

Pros: Placid ride denies the existence of expansion joints, plenty of cabin space and a nicely detailed interior.

Cons: Still slurps a lot of gas, looks a lot like a Highlander from the rear three-quarter view

Verdict: The BEST value in the three-row crossover segment.

Standard equipment: 290-hp V6, five-speed automatic transmission, dual zone climate control, power windows with one-touch up and down on the front windows, power front seats, Sirius satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Major options: Garmin navigation, SmartBeam automatic high beam headlights and automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Safety equipment: Front, side and side curtain airbags, active head restraints, electronic stability control, trailer sway control, hill start assist, back up camera and parking sensors.

The Durango’s “Crew” trim level includes goodies such as keyless start, power seats, Bluetooth connectivity, remote start, 500-watt stereo and a rear back-up camera. It has cloth seats to remind drivers that they could have upgraded to a higher trim level, but in terms of value, the Durango Crew is hard to beat. Plus, there’s leather on the steering wheel.

How far the Durango has come from the stone ax-simple pickup truck-derived model that debuted in 1998.

The new Durango boasts the smoothest ride in the three-row crossover class, while the old truck felt better suited for hauling lumber.

But that isn’t to say this Mercedes-derived crossover won’t do any hard work. When outfitted with the optional 360-hp Hemi V-8 rather than the tested 290-hp Pentastar V-6, the Durango can tow 7,400 pounds, which the company notes is the same weight as a 24-foot boat and its trailer.

Most unibody crossovers are front-wheel drive, with a V-6 as their largest engine, so the rear-drive layout and available V-8 give the Durango a solid advantage for doing actual work rather than just serving as a minivan alternative for suburban families

And the new design is 25 percent stiffer than the old one, giving it a stronger foundation that avoids the squeaks and groans of a twisting, flexing body-on-frame vehicle. Combined with a 14 percent reduction in aerodynamic drag and the corresponding cut in the resulting wind noise, the atmosphere inside the Durango is placid at speed.

Another plus on the practicality side is roof rails that contain crossbars that fold inside the rails, stowing the crossbars out of sight (and out of the wind), but keeping them handy for rooftop cargo during that trip to grandma’s or the home improvement warehouse.

Inside, the Durango features…

A spaciousness unimaginable inside any body-on-frame midsize SUV, thanks to the greater space efficiency of its unibody construction. Flip-forward second-row seats provide decent access to the reasonably spacious third row, though the kids who are typically sent back there might have difficulty operating the flip mechanism and tend to just scramble over the seat.

This would be fine if they didn’t leave mud or snow behind on the second-row seat in the process. Fortunately, Dodge has thought to include kid-whackers in the third row for reminding them to be more careful next time, or to stop squabbling with each other. OK, they aren’t technically called “kid-whackers.” Dodge calls them “remote headrest fold-downs,” but there is a handy button on the dashboard that causes the third-row head rests to flop down, smacking unruly kids in the process. (The only trouble comes when they start giggling and demand that you do it again.)

Image: Durango

Jim Frenak  /  Chrysler

The new Durango shows the hard, cheap, shiny plastic has been lifted from Chrysler’s products.

Of course, Dodge insists the kid whackers are really intended to make it easier to see out the back when the third row is unoccupied, which is probably most of the time. That, along with back-up sensors and a rear-view camera that is part of the Crew trim package, makes it easier to parallel park the 16-1/2-foot Durango.

The cabin appointments are typical for the new Fiat-backed Chrysler, which is to say that the blight of abominably hard, cheap, shiny plastic has been lifted, with plush matte-finished, soft-touch materials used in its place.

Similarly, the seats now offer sufficient support and adjustability to achieve suitable comfort for long drives and the instruments are thoroughly contemporary in appearance.

The In-Dash Navigation System is Programmed by Garmin

Its operation will be familiar to Garmin customers.   The touch screen controls for the entertainment system are simple and obvious to use with none of the hassles of the various BMW iDrive wannabe systems or of Ford’s poorly executed new MyFordTouch touch screen interface.

The Durango rides on a wheelbase that stretches seven inches longer than that of the new Ford Explorer, contributing superior legroom and ride comfort. This usually comes at the cost of inhibited maneuverability, making long-wheelbase cars hard to park because they need so much space to turn. But the Durango’s turning circle is only 37 feet, making it easy to slot into parking spaces, especially compared to other vehicles of similar size. That is foot tighter turn than the Toyota Highlander, which is nearly a foot shorter in overall length.

Consumers typically rank difficulty of parking as one of the top turn-offs for largish crossovers and SUVs, so the Durango’s unexpected agility should give parents a bit more confidence that they can dock this kid-hauling barge in the local Whole Foods parking lot without calling ahead for a harbor pilot or tug boat.

Of course, execrable fuel economy is the No. 1 reason for consumer aversion to such big vehicles, and even with its all-new V-6 engine or the Hemi that can run on four cylinders to save gas, the Durango remains thirsty.

The two-wheel drive V-6 model I tested is rated at 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway, but in cold-weather around-town driving with gas containing 10 percent ethanol (which contains less energy per volume than gas), using the remote starter for warm-ups and seat heaters we saw 15 mpg on the trip computer. That’s better than the old Durango, to be sure, and better than some of its competitors, but that fuel economy hurts when gas is north of $3 a gallon.

Still, if fill-ups are financially painful, it’s likely the only area where Durango ownership doesn’t seem like a great fiscal value, thanks to solid construction, lavish appointments and a Mercedes-based platform.

Edited from MSNBC autos

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Mariano Rivera – Dodge Challenger

Mariano Rivera, future Baseball Hall of Fame reliever for the New York Yankees, purchased a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 from Meadowland Of Carmel! Kenn Volz delivered it to Yankee Stadium himself!

See Steve to Buy or Lease The Challenger

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given the 2010 Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger its top safety rating, Chrysler said today.

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MiniVan Madness at Meadowland

Hello friends and relatives. If anyone you know might be in the market for a Minivan, please have them email or call me on my cell 914-671-5580. I have been with Meadowland of Carmel, N.Y a long time, and have never seen anything quite like this.

Due to a combination of factors the prices on new Chrysler and Dodge minivans are as low as I have ever seen. Basically almost $10,000 off MSRP and 0% for 4 years, plus a lifetime warranty. These deals were so good, my boss bought 50 extra vans and then bought three personally for our stores. I thought maybe he went off the deep end, but now I realize he probably didn’t buy enough! Please visit our website for more details:

We can deliver them to anywhere in the northeast, so if you or your friends do not live near NY we can deliver. This is not the type of note I usually post. No strings attached. These deals are unreal. This ends on 2/28/2009

I hope you are all doing well, and remember: Buy American.



Call Steve to Buy or Lease The American Made Dodge Today

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Jeep Blog Archive

For on road and off road excitement, nothing beats a Jeep. When I have a break from selling them, which doesn’t come often, I enjoy writing about them! Here are some past Jeep articles from the car blog.
Buy Jeep Cherokee
Aaron’s Wrangler

Buy Jeep Cherokee

We have the 2017 Jeep Cherokee in stock. All options, all colors. Call Steve for the best price and to test drive one now.

Here is an article from back in 2013. The Jeep Cherokee has been one of the strongest models in the world for years!

It won’t be long before the all new 2014  JEEP CHEROKEE  arrives at Meadowland of Carmel, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s a preview pic to whet your appetite:


Even though the name comes with a rich heritage, it bears no resemblence to it’s predecessors.

The first Cherokee was produced in 1974 and ended in 2001.  It was replaced in 2002 with the Jeep Liberty, which ended production in 2012.   Available in 4 Wheel or 2 Wheel drive, the latest Cherokee is going to be around a long time.

If you are interested,  contact me at the dealership, and I will be glad to give you the details.

Here is an overview of the 4 trim levels:

2014 Cherokee Sport
•2.4L MultiAir2® I4 engine & nine-speed automatic transmission with electric range select
•Jeep® Active Drive I 4×4 system with rear axle disconnect+ (Std on 4×4 models)
•Selec-Terrain® traction control system (Std. on 4×4 models)
•Uconnect® system with Bluetooth® & five-inch touchscreen display
•60 / 40 split 2nd-row reclining seat with forward / reverse sliding feature for added comfort
•Jeep Cargo Management System


2014 Cherokee Latitude

Includes everything on Sport, Plus:
•17-inch aluminum wheels
•Body color mirrors & door handles
•Bright chrome day light opening with silver painted roof rails
•Deep tint privacy glass
•Halogen projector fog lamps
•Fold-flat front passenger seat with in-seat storage
•Leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls
•Ambient LED interior lighting

2014 Cherokee Trailhawk

Includes everything on Latitude, Plus:
•Trail Rated® capability with Jeep® Active Drive Lock 4×4 system and locking rear axle
•1-inch lift w/ off-road suspension / skid plates
•17-inch off-road alum. wheels / all-terrain tires
•Uconnect® system with Bluetooth® and 8.4-inch touchscreen display
•Accent color tow hooks, mirrors, grille surrounds, badging, off-road fascia appliques, and roof rails
•Premium cloth seats w/ leather-trimmed bolster
•Cargo net & all-weather floor mats


2014 Cherokee Limited

Includes Everything on Latitude, Plus:
•18-inch polished aluminum wheels with all-season tires
•Leather-trimmed seats (front heated)
•7-inch color instrument cluster with thin film transistor liquid crystal display technology
•Uconnect® system with Bluetooth® and 8.4-inch touchscreen display
•Passive entry with Keyless Enter ‘n Go™
•ParkView® Back Up Camera

It’s the only vehicle in it’s class that is designed to really to off-roading, and among it’s many other attributes has the largest interior space, by far.  It’s competitors include: The Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4 ,  Toyota 4Runner.

If you want more info, please visit the Jeep site at: http://www.jeep.com/en/index-b.html

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Aaron’s Wrangler

This blog post features a customer of mine, Aaron Kershaw, and his 1991 Jeep Wrangler.

It is a very unique story of a man who is truly passionate about his Wrangler.

It is in his own words. I hope you are as impressed as I was.


This 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 started life as a blue jeep with a factory 1.5 lift, driven by a woman for its first 10 years of life.

I acquired it from a friend who mistakenly drove it on it on a lake in Putnam County and it sank. This lake was frozen at the time and he didn’t realize the road ended, lol!  So four hours later it was pulled out and he drained it,  and went about getting it running again.

Fast forward a few years and it was sitting, looking sad, rusting, a home for spiders and mice.  I needed to have it. In my own life 1991, was a year of dedication and service; I spent the better part of that year either serving in Iraq, or floating in the Mediterranean ocean with 24 MEU ( Marine Expeditionary Unit) waiting for trouble.

15 years later I felt the need to build a project that would help me deal with my own experiences and centered around the year 1991. A squad member (platoon- mate) had a 1979 (Wrangler) CJ, that I drove often between deployments.  It was that  CJ, with the chain link (ala cheech-chong) steering wheel and only a Bikini top that I fell in love with:  an Icon and American Hero, JEEPS.

I paid $1500 initially and went about making it road worthy, then new paint and fenders, hood, windshield, door, glass, weather-stripping, rear lights, and a lot more. A couple years later I added a 4 inch lift-kit.  I had already cleaned and painted the frame the year prior having foreseen a rusted frame.

With my 3 year-old, my wife and a friend, I set about doing a frame off clean up and rebuild. I completed it within 3 months and was rolling again on an all new suspension, new brake-lines, gas-lines, fuel pump, and  steering components, NO old screws/bolts/nuts went on.  Only all new Stainless hardware.


As the years go on I have more plans, but with 4 children I am fortunate to have such a toy. I look forward to owning a 4dr JK so I can have the whole gang fall as hard as I did for this American Dream – True Hero – Jeep.

Aaron Kershaw
Editors note: If you would like to see more pix, please visit:



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RAM Truck Archived Posts

Out of all the pickup trucks that I see, Ram Trucks have the highest owner loyalty, and the also retain the highest value. Here are some archived posts that I have written about Ram Truck through the years.

2010 Ram Truck- Motor Trend Truck Of The Year


RAM 1500 Diesel For Sale

Just announced on Allpar.com !


Ram 1500 Diesel finally official Posted on February 14th, 2013 •

Today, Ram officially announced that they will build a Ram 1500 with the VM 3.0 diesel engine; while VM is owned by Fiat, the company has long supplied Chrysler with diesel engines for  vehicles sold outside of North America. The 3.0 liter V6 is a state of the art diesel which passes both American and European emissions tests, has strong power, low maintenance requirements, and good economy.

This is the same diesel engine used in the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will reduce training and inventory costs when compared with the also laudable Cummins V6 diesel (a completely different engine than the Cummins straight-six which will continue in the Ram Heavy Duty models). The diesel will, not surprisingly, be hooked up to the eight-speed automatic. It is possible that the delay in launching the Ram 1500 Diesel was due partly to the desire to start it off with the right automatic; the eight-speed’s wide range and high number of gears will keep the diesel in its sweet spot and counter the relatively low operating range of most diesel engines.

Allpar predicted that the VM engine had been approved for the Ram 1500 on June 4, 2012, then again on October 5, 2012, and October 23, 2012. The timing (diesel Ram 1500 in late 2013) appeared on April 1, 2012. Ram actually showed a 1500 diesel option in its ordering system in December 2010. The Ram 1500 diesel is scheduled to start production in July, which would make it available in dealerships between August and September, assuming no delays.

Dodge’s lightest-duty full-size pickups have been available with diesel engines before; in 1978, Dodge started using a four-liter Mitsubishi 6DR5 diesel, also found in the Toyota Land Cruiser, in pickups and Power Wagons.

Read more at: http://www.allpar.com/news/index.php/2013/02/ram-1500-diesel-finally-official
Text copyright © Allpar, LLC, publishers of the massive Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and other Mopar site allpar.com

Pictures, Videos, and Trims of all New Ram Trucks

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2010 Ram Truck- Motor Trend Truck Of The Year

The 2010 Ram Heavy Duty absolutely nailed the award in terms of our criteria, from the attractive exterior styling, to the plush and quiet cabins, to the tough and capable powertrains,” said Angus MacKenzie, editor in chief of Motor Trend, in a statement.

The 2010 Ram Heavy Duty is available in five trim models and sports suspension and brake improvements that are designed to help in carrying heavy loads. The truck starts at $28,165 for a regular cab model, $36,865 for crew cab models and $36,865 for Mega Cab models. It is slated to arrive in dealerships before the end of the year.

We just received our first one,and you really need to see this winner in person. Call me for an appointment.

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GMC Blog Archives

Keeping up with the innovations and variety of GMC Trucks, SUV’s and Cross Overs is a full time job. These are some of the posts I’ve published about GMC over the past several years.

New Models at Meadowland
Meadowland of Carmel- WE’RE ALL ABOUT PEOPLE
New Level of Confidence from General Motors
U.S. Auto Industry Contribution-Must read

2011 GMC Terrain


The newest member of GMC crossover vehicles has arrived at Meadowland Of Carmel.
This car is absolutely gorgeous. 30MPG + . Available in either a 4 or 6 cylinder. AWD or FWD. Premium Standard equipment includes Backup Camera, tilt/telescope steering wheel, full -function traction control, 6 speaker stereo with iPod jack and USB port, 1 Year OnStar, and XM satellite radio (3 months free), tire-pressure monitoring system, and soooo much more.
Call me for a test drive. You will be impressed.


Call Steve to Lease The GMC of Your Choice

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New Models at Meadowland

2010 Grand Caravan & Town & Country
The all-new Dodge Grand Caravan & Town & Country. It is designed with technologies that revolutionize, and reinvented to hold your family with the greatest of care. Stability control, standard front and side curtain airbags, dual DVD, satellite TV,uCONNECT ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, including Navigation & DVD, Swivel & Go seating. From the company that invented the Minivan.

2010 GMC Acadia

Acadia is designed with one goal in mind: to create a professional grade crossover. It features refined styling, impressive fuel economy, advanced amenities, and confidence inspiring safety features. According to Edmunds.com “2008 GMC Acadia ranks as one of the best family-oriented crossovers available”.

Welcome New Employee

Stephen Benson has just joined Meadowland, and has been assigned to our prep/detail department. He also has been helping to get our photos on our website. His parents, Chris and Ellen Benson, have been long-time Meadowland of Carmel customers. Continued good luck, Stephen!


To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.

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  • 24 HOUR SERVICE: Classic & Antique Transportation Services
  • Local and long distance Motorcycle & Machinery Towing

Phones: 845-225-6272- 914-755-5388
Fax: 845-225-2261
Bobby- Carmel, New York

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Meadowland of Carmel- WE’RE ALL ABOUT PEOPLE

Over 39 years in the same location and owned by the same family management team.
I’ve been here for 21 years! They know how to make people happy!
Call Steve at: 845-225-8468
or cell: 914-671-5580

email: steve@meadowlandofcarmel.com

website: http://www.MeadowlandOfCarmel.com/

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New Level of Confidence from General Motors

Did you know:

In addition to a 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, standard on every new PONTIAC /GMC, is a 100,000 mile/5 year transferable power train warranty with no deductible…

You also get 100,000 miles/5 years of roadside assistance, including courtesy transportation…

OnStar offers vehicle diagnostics, hands free calling, turn by turn directions, automatic crash response, and a live advisor just a button push away…

And now, payment protection up to 9 months if you lose your job due to economic conditions, and vehicle value protection when you trade your vehicle in… call or email me for details… Total confidence from PONTIAC/GMC!

Call Steve to Buy or Lease GMC

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U.S. Auto Industry Contribution-Must read

Subject: must read Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 21:17:31

This one needs to be forwarded to as many people as possible as a reminder of who is actually taking care of business at home, considering the recent news and events regarding the Big 3, and what’s at stake for current, and future jobs for millions of people, and the risk of losing technological advances, knowledge, and experience of our manufacturing capabilities.

LET EVERYONE KNOW for the record:

Ford, Chrysler and GM’s contributions after 9/11 ‘CNN Headline News’ did a short news listing regarding Ford and GM’s & Chrysler’s contributions to the relief and recovery efforts in New York and Washington .

The findings are as follows…

1. Ford- $10 million to American Red Cross matching employee contributions of the same number plus 10 Excursions to NY Fire Dept. The company also offered ER response team services and office space to displaced government employees.

2. GM- $10 million to American Red Cross matching employee contributions of the same number and a fleet of vans, suv’s, and trucks.

3. Daimler Chrysler- $10 million to support of the children and victims of the Sept. 11 attack.

4. Harley Davidson motorcycles- $1 million and 30 new motorcycles to the New York Police Dept.

5. Volkswagen-Employees and management created a Sept 11 Foundation, funded initial with $2 million, for the assistance of the children and victims of the WTC.

6. Hyundai- $300,000 to the American Red Cross.

7. Audi-Nothing.

8. BMW-Nothing.

9. Daewoo- Nothing.

10. Fiat-Nothing.

11. Honda- Nothing despite boasting of second best sales month ever in August 2001

12. Isuzu- Nothing.

13. Mitsubishi-Nothing..

14. Nissan-Nothing.

15. Porsche-Nothing. Press release with condolences via the Porsche website.

16. Subaru- Nothing.

17. Suzuki- Nothing.

18. Toyota-Nothing despite claims of high sales in July and August 2001.Condolences posted on the website.

Whenever the time may be for you to purchase a new, or used vehicle, keep this information in mind. You might want to give more consideration to a car manufactured by an American-owned and / or American based company.

Apart from Hyundai and Volkswagen, the foreign car companies contributed nothing at all to the citizens of the United States .. It’s OK for these companies to take money out of this country, but it is apparently not acceptable to return some in a time of crisis. I believe we should not forget things like this. Say thank you in a way that gets their attention.. BUY YOUR NEXT VEHICLE FROM GM, FORD OR CHRYSLER

See Steve to Buy or Lease GMC

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